Peter is an associate member of the Institute of Chartered Management Accountants (C.I.M.A.).

With experience in both the multi-national and SME sectors in Ireland, Peter is committed to finding a ‘better way’, a way that optimises technology to make bookkeeping and accounting simpler, less painful and more effective in a way that makes sense to you. In a way that not only satisfies your tax returns and reporting obligations but also supports you in the daily, weekly and monthly financial decisions you make. Having worked with an extensive range of business owners in Ireland for over 30 years, Peter is passionate about making the world of accounting easier to navigate!

Using QuickBooks (online and desktop) and a wide range of online software utilities, Peter combines advanced technology and his extensive experience, to ensure that your accounts not only make sense to you but also give you the insight you need to manage your finances effectively.

Peter works closely with his clients across all the counties of Ireland – his personal touch makes a great difference especially when something needs to be done quickly, accurately and reliably! Here's what his clients have to say...

"Last year I turned my business around. I couldn't have done it without Peter's Monthly Management Accounts". David Dwyer, The Bram Stoker, Clontarf, Dublin 3